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Monday, May 02, 2016


Tony Jackson Transport York


  1. King of Kings
    05 Jun, 2016
    King of Kings
    When we were kids our dad got us up in the middle of the night to watch two things on the telly. One was men landing on the moon and the other was Muhammed Ali fighting. Such was the greatness of the man. RIP big fella.
  2. Tree
    21 May, 2016
    I managed to put the wrong postcode in my satnav and found myself driving down an unpaved road that was becoming narrower and narrower. After about a half mile I could see a road at the end so it must be leading somewhere. As I got near the end I saw there was a tree leaning across the track and I couldn't get past it. It was impossible to reverse all the way back again. Suddenly this fella appeared from nowhere and with all his strength he pushed up the tree and I could drive past it. What a
  3. Nationwide same day courier York
    14 May, 2016
    I decided to sell my gorgeous static caravan and buy a camper van instead. I love the static it's practically new but our new little dog loves chewing things and I can't take him there. Looking forward to roaming in a motor home though. The dog can't do too much damage in that and I love driving. Really looking forward to it.
  4. Nationwide same day courier York
    07 May, 2016
    Life is a bummer sometimes. Had a job from Newcastle to London. Got within 17 minutes of pickup and there was an accident involving air ambulance etc. Ended up going back to York then collecting the next morning. What should have been an easy run ended up taking 14 hours. Never mind I suppose, all in a days work.
  5. Nationwide same day courier York
    01 May, 2016
    Keeping Fit
    I didn't think people still used those odd vibrating weight loss machines anymore. But they do. I was asked to collect one yesterday. They certainly work though. By the time I had finished manhandling the bloody thing into the van I had lost three stone!
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